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Now 20% discount Code: 20%4U
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Student life may often be financially hard. Tuition fees, study books, the monthly rent and the (almost obligatory) nights out can cost a lot of money. As a student, it is therefore important to spend your money wisely. At SoftwareLicense4U we understand all too well that students are looking for money savings tips. So quickly keep reading and discover 11 tips (+bonus tip) that will save you a lot of money each month.

11 money saving tips for students

1. Drink Water

No, we are not suggesting to drink water during those fun student nights. Especially when you are on the road, as a student you can save a lot of money by drinking tap water. Getting a bottle of soda or coffee and tea can be pricey. Simply use a recyclable bottle and fill it with tap water. This way you not only save a lot of money, but it is also very healthy!

2. Used study books

Every semester study books will cost you money. A lot of money. You can often save much money when you choose to buy these books second hand. Places like Facebook groups or study groups often offer used study books against low prices. Or, in some cases, you might consider buying an older version of a study book. In most cases hardly any changes have been made and you get your study books extra cheap!

3. Sale, sale, sale!

Who doesn’t love the word ‘Sale’. Whether you are shopping online or in a physical store: it is always a wonderful feeling to exactly find the product you were looking for, at an extremely low price. At SoftwareLicense4U, our software licenses regularly provide that euphoric feeling to ‘sale lovers’. Are you a student and are you looking for the latest Windows operating system or the best virus scanner for your computer? Then quickly check out our discounted deals. So you save up to 80% on the recommended price and you save more money as a student!

4. Student discount

Use your ‘status’ as a student! You will receive a student discount at many institutions. Think of a visit to a museum, an evening at the cinema or getting a haircut at the local hairdresser. Chances are you will receive a discount when you present your student card at the cashier.

5. Save on water and energy

In your (student) house you not only have to deal with the rent, but also with costs for water and energy. Often as a student you do not realize that you can also save a lot on these things. For example, do not leave your mobile phone charger plugged in. And try to shower less longer to save water. Every year, these little savings tips can quickly save a ton of money.

6. Make a financial overview

As a student you do not want to face financial surprises. Do you notice that you don’t know how much money your receive and spend every month? Then this may have consequences in the near future. That is why it is essential to make an overview (beforehand!) of your income and expenses during your student time. You can use Excel in the Microsoft Office 2019 package to make a financial overview. Simply put all costs and incomes together side by side, fill in simple formulas, and let the program quickly calculate how much money you have left over (or not…). This way you avoid surprises in your student days and you keep your financial situation under control.

7. Useful gifts

Your birthday, Christmas, Halloween: these are just a few moments when you might receive plenty of gifts. On your wish list you can of course put all kinds of ‘nice gadgets’ that you rarely use. If you want to save money as a student, it is wiser to ask for practical gifts. Think, for example, of things you need every day such as pans, cutlery, new jeans or even socks. Maybe it sounds less exciting to ask than the newest gadgets, but at least you make certain these gifts always come in handy.

8. Use the freezer

Make your freezer one of the most favorite devices during your student days. Freezing food can save you a lot of money. When you cook larger portions, you pay relatively less money for food. You should not throw away the food that you then have left. But instead, make smaller portions of these and store these meals in your freezer. Incidentally, you can not only save money, but also time. Every evening you have a healthy meal on the table within a few moments!

9. Don’t shop with an empty stomach

Ever walked into the supermarket with a hungry feeling? Then you will undoubtedly recognize the feeling that you are looking forward to everything. A bag of crisps? Throw it in the shopping cart. Three bags of candy? Yes, is also fits. And those delicious brownies? There is still room for those in the cart! Before you know it, you are at the checkout and you have to pay a considerable amount of money. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this. Just make sure you walk into the supermarket with a full stomach and avoid making unnecessary purchases.

bonus tip is to go shopping well prepared. Make a clear list in advance that shows exactly what you need. In this way you protect yourself from impulse purchases that can only cost you a lot of money unnecessarily.

10. Save money on parties

As a student, you can save much money when you go out. Especially dodge the expensive weekends and start partying during the weekly student nights. Not only the entrance usually is free, you also pay much less money for your drinks. Just don’t forget your student pass. You need this pass regularly to show that you are ‘entitled’ to the student discount!

11. Buy software extra cheap

During your student days you spend a lot of time behind the computer. Whether you create reports, prepare presentations or carry out complex analyzes: for all these study cases you need correct working software. And software is expensive. Especially at physical stores you sometimes pay hundreds of euros for Office packages, operating systems and virus scanners. You do not want to spend that much money as a student. Fortunately, you can buy it much cheaper. At SoftwareLicense4U you get exactly the same software for a fraction of the price. Quickly view our software deals with a discount that can reach up to 80 percent. That way, as a student, you can save a lot of money for other useful (or fun) things!

Start saving money as a student!

Follow the above 12 tips to save money during your student time. SoftwareLicense4U can help you to save a lot of money on new software! Take a quick look at our offers and benefit from the best online prices for software licenses. All our licenses are delivered by mail within 5 minutes and are 100% original.