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Do you get the most out of all the functionalities that Windows 10 has to offer? This newest operating system from Microsoft is packed with useful features that allow you to work faster, easier or more efficiently. Wondering which useful features Windows 10 contains, that you probably never have used before? Then quickly read on!

1. Disk cleanup

Although most hard drives today have at least hundreds of GB of available space, it can be easy to fill your hard disk with games, photos, videos and other applications. When your HDD is (almost) completely full, it is wise to clean up your disk. And luckily that is very easy with the ‘Disk Cleanup’ function.

You can reach this function by searching for Disk Cleanup via the search function, right next to the Start Menu. Then select the hard drive you want to clean up. You will then immediately see how much space can be freed up immediately. Not only will this give you more disk space, the computer can even function faster!

2. ‘Oldschool’ Start Menu

Have you always been a big fan of the previous Start Menu? In Windows 10 it is possible to show ‘almost the same’ Start Menu as in Windows 7. Simply right-click on the Start Menu logo. Subsequently, various options will appear that you may find familiar. Think of options such as Explorer, Run, Task Manager and Apps.

3. Schedule tasks

Do you use your computer (almost) on a daily basis? Then there is a good chance that you will perform several monotonous actions constantly in the same way. With the help of the ‘Task Scheduler’ it is possible to have Windows 10 perform specific tasks automatically. For example, do you want the computer to start Spotify every day at 8.25 am? This is possible to automate!

To create a task, you can use the search function to search for ‘Task Scheduler’. Then click on ‘Create basic task’. Then follow all the steps that are indicated. You can choose various tasks, such as starting a program or sending an e-mail. Select the time and the days and then save the task. The task will now be automatically executed at the indicated times!

4. Virus protection

Windows 10 has many useful functionalities built in to protect users against malware. Think of the new Windows Defender. This application runs in the background and protects your Windows 10 computer against malware, viruses and hacker. Furthermore, the Malicious Software Removal Tool runs in the background to ensure that malware will never control your system.


And the best of these tools? You only need to implement these useful features once in Windows 10. When you enable these Windows 10 functions during the OS installation process, your computer is properly protected by default. In addition, updates are implemented by default.

5. Windows 10 Game Bar

Do you ever want to make a video recording of a screen? Then you do not have to download an external program for this. This is very easy with the help of the Windows Game Bar. You can reach this handy Windows 10 function by pressing the Windows logo + G shortcut key.

The Windows 10 Game Bar will then be opened. In addition to recording a video, it is also possible to take screenshots, change microphone settings, adjust sound settings and to show a timer.

6. Dynamic locking

Are you walking away from the computer regularly and are you working in a public environment or office? Then it is wise to always lock your computer so that your files are not accessible to unauthorized people. You could use the shortcut Windows logo + L for this.

But a handy Windows 10 feature (and a very modern one) is Dynamic Locking. Thanks to this functionality, you can connect your computer or laptop via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. Do you have to walk away from your Windows 10 machine, and is your computer further away from your phone than the indicated distance? Then the Windows 10 will be automatically locked.

You activate Dynamic Locking by searching for ‘Dynamic locking’ via the search function. Then accept the setting that you want to use this feature in Windows 10. Then, connect your smartphone to your Windows 10 laptop or PC. Next, the link is automatically created and Dynamic Lock can be used immediately.

7. Better concentration

Are you also regularly distracted while you working on your PC or laptop? Then the next Windows 10 function is ideal for you. The Concentration-functionality helps you to keep distracting notifications, e-mails and applications in the background.

To activate the Concentration Help you can click on the Action Center at the bottom right of Windows 10. Then select the Concentration-option. You can choose between the options ‘Alarms only’ and ‘Priority only’.

Specific alerts and settings can also be changed by looking for ‘Concentration Help’ via the search function. Here you can indicate exactly which notifications and apps you want to see or do not want to see anymore.

Use these useful Windows 10 features immediately!

Get started now and apply these useful Windows 10 functions on a daily basis. This allows you to work even faster and more efficiently with this best operating system ever from Microsoft! Do you still use an older version of Windows? No problem! At SoftwareLicense4U you can purchase a 100% original Windows 10 license for an extremely low price. Take a quick look at our offers and simply choose the Windows 10 version that perfectly matches your needs!

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