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What can you do with Microsoft Visio?


What is Microsoft Visio used for? Most people may not be able to answer this question quickly. Visio is one of the less famous applications from Microsoft. Especially with most home users and within smaller companies, the program will not be used that often. Do you want to know everything about Microsoft Visio? Then read on and discover what Visio is, what you can do with it, and which version you need!

What is Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is a program that is used to create professional charts. Whether you want to create flow charts, organization charts, floor plans or technical designs: Microsoft Visio makes this – and much more – possible. The design of these diagrams is based on modern templates and shapes. All this happens within the well-known and trusted Office environment. Visio is regarded by professionals as the best application that exists when it comes to making diagrams.

Easily create diagrams

Within Microsoft Visio, making diagrams is easier than ever. The accessibility and ease of use is something that Microsoft has worked on for many years. Always included are a large amount of standard objects, shapes and stencils – making it easy to create diagrams. During the start, a number of the most used templates and diagrams are displayed. When you choose your favourite template, the corresponding menu options, objects and shapes are then showed. Of course you can also design a template yourself from a blank page.

Do you need more standard templates within Microsoft Visio? Then you can download it from the extensive online library. With Microsoft Visio you always design the perfect diagram to present complex information in a well-organized manner.

In which organisations is Visio used?

The information above shows that Microsoft Visio is mainly used in a business setting. Simple charts and diagrams such as bar charts, scatter charts, tables and pie charts are also easy to make with Microsoft Word or Excel. Microsoft Visio is used for more complex diagrams with more data or for which various symbols are needed. Visio can be used among other things during the following business activities:

• Make business analyses

Especially within technical environments, Data Flow Diagrams can be used by analysts and (existing) systems to analyse and to organize them more efficiently. With the DFDs from Visio, these processes are easily displayed and you quickly gain insight into the complex structure.

• Clarify business processes

Business processes must be made transparent for various reasons. Firstly, because it must be clear to (project) employees within the company which processes exist and who is responsible. But other stakeholders can also keep an overview of the structure and execution of processes thanks to such business process models.

• Flow charts within production processes

Standardization is essential for various companies with a production process. Not only does it provide clarity and structure. It can also ensure consistent quality and more efficient business operations. Thanks to a flow chart, for example, it can become clear which steps are taken during the process, which ingredients / materials / machines are used, and who is responsible for quality control.

• Process technology

For example, Visio can be deployed within chemical engineering companies to illustrate the relationship between specific business units. For example, one process flow diagram can help to analyse and document processes, or to optimize processes within the organization.

Which versions are all there?

Countless versions have been released since the first version of Microsoft Visio. We can distinguish the following Visio releases:

  • Visio v1.0
  • Visio v2.0
  • Visio v3.0
  • Visio v4.0, Visio v4.1& Visio v4.5
  • Visio v5.0
  • Visio 2000
  • Visio 2002
  • Visio for Enterprise Architects 2003
  • Office Visio 2003
  • Office Visio for Enterprise Architects 2005
  • Office Visio 2007
  • Visio 2010
  • Visio 2013
  • Visio 2016
  • Visio Online Plan 1 & Visio Online Plan 2
  • Visio 2019

Currently the most popular versions are Visio 2019, Visio 2016 and Visio 2019.

What is Visio 2019?

Microsoft Visio 2019 is the most recent version and was released by Microsoft on October 1, 2018. New compared to earlier versions is the possibility to use the built-in Database Model Diagram template. Furthermore, Visio Wireframe makes it possible to easily create design sketches for websites. And a extensive package of new templates make it easy to make complex data more manageable with Visio 2019.

What is Visio 2016?

Microsoft Visio 2016 was introduced on September 22, 2015 and contained various modern functionalities. For example, new diagrams, tips and tricks were added to help users present data. The Tell Me function was also implemented. This made it possible to find more than 800 commands fast within Visio. Moreover, collaboration within Visio 2016 became easier than ever and documents could be better protected.

What is Visio 2013?

Visio 201 3 is now fairly dated, but it contained modern functionalities during the release. For example, the Start menu was renewed. Here it was possible to find shapes faster to design your template. The design of objects could also be adjusted in several ways, for example by applying shadow or embossing. Furthermore, this was the first time that co-authoring was possible: in other words, working together from different locations on one Visio document.

Get started with Microsoft Visio?

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