Windows is one of the most popular operating systems for computers and laptops. Windows regularly introduces new versions and also carries out regular software updates. It is therefore perfectly understandable that you are wondering which version of Windows is currently installed on your PC or laptop. So, does your PC run on Windows, but you have no idea which version? In this blogpost we explain how you can find this out yourself! Read on and discover the answer to the question “which Windows version do I have?”.

Windows version check

Finding out which version of Windows is currently installed on your PC or laptop is very easy. By following the steps below you will immediately find out which edition of Windows is installed on your PC and what the latest version is.

  1. Go to “Start” in the menu bar
  2. Then click on “Settings”
  3. Then click on “System”
  4. Then click on “Info”
  5. Go to Windows specifications
  6. Then you can check your Windows version at “Edition” and “Version”

Does the headline underneath “Edition” says that your PC does not yet operate on Windows 10, but on a older version like Windows 8, Windows XP of Windows 7? Then it is definitely time to upgrade to a newer version of the Windows operating system.

Upgrade to the latest Windows version

Are you wondering which version of Windows you have because you want to make sure your PC is 100% up-to-date? Then you are already on the right track! Many people underestimate the importance of a PC that is completely up-to-date and meets all security requirements.

Are you curious about the security of your PC? This can also be seen via Start > Settings > System > About. At the top of the info page you can see how and whether your PC is monitored and protected. Are all green check marks here? Then there is nothing wrong. Is this not the case? This could be because your PC still has an older Windows license or because there is something wrong with one of the following points:

  • Virus and threat protection
  • Firewall and network security
  • App and browser management
  • Account security
  • Device security

By requesting your current Windows version you can find out a lot about your PC. Your device specifications also give you the information you need about the security and reliability of your PC. Do you want to be sure that your PC is properly secured and will last as long as possible? Then you should upgrade it to the latest version of Windows 10. At SoftwareLicense4U you can choose from three different Windows 10 licenses, namely: Windows 10 Professional RetailWindows 10 Professional OEM and Windows 10 Home. Do you find it difficult to determine which version of Windows 10 you need? Then please consult our helpdesk! They are happy to advise you and give you the information you need. This way you can be sure that you purchase the correct Windows 10 license and that your PC is 100% protected and up-to-date.