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Frequently Asked Questions


Waar kan ik mijn download vinden?

De downloads voor onze producten kunt u vinden in uw account.

Als u downloads zoekt die niet beschikbaar zijn (bijvoorbeeld een andere taal) dan kunt u altijd contact opnemen met onze klantenservice of door een mail te sturen naar info@softwarelicense4u.com

Where can I find my download?

The downloads for our products can be found in your account.

If you are looking for downloads that are not available (for example another language) you can always contact our customer service or send an email to info@softwarelicense4u.com.


What is the difference between OEM & Retail

OEM (System Builder)

  • An OEM license connects to the PC that was used for the first activation
  • It's not possible to transfer the license to another computer
  • Microsoft Support is not included (Windows update and other features work just the same as normal it's only about contacting Microsoft)
  • Not recommend for Bootcamp and Virtual Computers may not activate on reinstallation 

 Retail (Full Version)

  • You can transfer the License between Computers (just make sure you run it at one PC on a time.)
  • Microsoft Support is included.
  • Can be used for virtual computers and Bootcamp