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    Windows Server Essentials offers a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use server solution for small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices. An ideal first server, Windows Server Essentials can also be used as the primary server in a multi-server environment for small businesses.

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    For small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices, Windows Server Essentials is the perfect solution. Windows Server Essentials can also be used as the primary server in a multi-server environment for small businesses. Windows Server 2019 Essentials provides a wide range of new and enhanced features and capabilities for Windows Server Essentials, allowing small businesses to be more productive.

    Windows Server 2019: Essentials version

    Microsoft offers many of the same functionalities as the 2016 version. However, also many new additions and improvements are added. Small businesses that already use the previous version should be familiar with the lay-out, functionalities, licensing and technical characteristics. But now can also use many of the brand-new features.

    Improved and new features Server 2019 Essentials

    The first feature that returns from previous versions is Storage Migration Services. With this service you can start inventorying and move old server settings to a new target server. Other functionalities that function perfectly in this Server edition are users and Groups, Backups, BrancheCache and Media Sharing. Also, many Windows Server Essentials offers integrations with hosted services and apps.

    New is the feature called AAD connect (Azure Active Directory). This feature makes it possible to install and implement Azure Active Directory into Windows Server Essential 2019.

    System Requirements:

    These are the minimum system requirements to install and use Windows Server 2019 Essentials:

    • Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit EMT64 or AMD64 processor required. The processor must support LAHF/SAHF, CMPXCHG16b, and PrefetchWNeeds.
    • Disk space: 96 GB (Three times the RAM size limited to 32 GB)
    • Disk controller: PCI Express Compliant Disk Controller
    • RAM: 512 MB ECC supported Memory Modules. 800 MB for VM installations.
    • Network: Gigabit Ethernet adapter with 1 Gbps throughput. PCI Express Compliant.
    • Optional requirements: Trusted Platform Module. Support of UEFI 2.3.1c-based system and firmware.

    Available languages: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch (Netherlands), English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish (Sweden), Turkish

    Windows Server Essentials supports 25 users (50 devices) with CAL’s included.

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