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Have you just bought a new computer? Then you probably want to use it as fast as you can. In many cases software is not pre-installed on your new PC. So, you might wonder which software you should install first on your brand-new computer. Keep reading to learn about 10 essential software tools you should install as fast as possible!

10 Software apps you should install as soon as possible:

1. Operating System

Let’s start with the most important piece of software you should install on your new pc: the operating system. The best choice is to install a Windows operating system. Currently there are different version of Microsoft Windows on the market, such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Since you’ve bought a brand-new computer, we suggest using the newest operating system by Microsoft: Windows 10. This version has the most recent features and security updates. This will make you don’t have to worry about upgrading in the upcoming years.

We suggest: Windows 10 (for brand-new computers)

2. Browser

During the Windows installation Microsoft Edge is automatically set as your default browser. However Microsoft Edge works perfectly fine to browse the internet, there are much better (and free) alternatives on the market. We advise Google Chrome as browser. In almost all cases Chrome loads faster than Edge. Furthermore, with Chrome you can browse the internet more safely thanks to constant security updates by Google. Lastly, Google Chrome has plenty of useful extensions and plug-ins you can add to this browser.

We suggest: Google Chrome

3. Media Player

Do you want to watch video’s, play sound files and listen to the newest album of your favorite artists? Then in all cases you need to install a media player on your new computer. Windows Media players is your default media player on computers with Windows 10. And in most cases Windows Media Player does the job perfectly. Alternatives exist with more features and a more modern look and feel. But when you only want to watch or listen to ‘standard’ video and audio documents, Windows Media Player should be the perfect choice.

Do you prefer a media player that can literally can play ‘any’ kind of document and has more advanced settings? Then the VLC media player might be more suitable for you.

We suggest: Windows Media Player (for advanced users: VLC)

4. Music player

The time where you had to buy CD’s to listen to music is long gone. Many software applications exist that can be used to (online) listen, stream and download music. Spotify is the uncrowned king within this category. Via the free version of Spotify you can easily listen to albums of your favorite artist. Do you prefer listening to music without (annoying) commercials in-between? Then we suggest paying a small monthly fee for a Spotify subscription.

We suggest: Spotify

5. Office software

Installing an Office package is also probably one of the first things you should do on your new computer. Whether you want to create, watch, present or share documents: it is all possible with Microsoft Office. A product key for the most recent and powerful Office tool, Microsoft Office 2019 Professional plus, is available at SoftwareLicense4U. With this Office application you can use useful tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. Thanks to this you are always up-to-date about recent e-mails, can create presentations and content, and it is possible to analyze date.

We suggest: Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

6. PDF-tool

It is quite certain you will receive plenty of pdf-documents from all kinds of organizations. Think about contracts you should sign or documents you should read. Unfortunately, most of the time you can’t open PDF-files on your computer without a PDF-tool. Our advise is to install and use Adobe PDF Reader. With this application you read, search through and sign PDF-files fast and easy.

We suggest: Adobe PDF Reader

7. (Un)zip files

Do you often send or receive bigger files? Then it’s probably clever to install a Zip-tool. Popular is the application WinRar. You can first use a trail version of this software on your new computer. With this tool it is easy to transform bigger files into compact files, which makes it easier to send it via e-mail.

We suggest: WinRar

8. Antivirus software

It is wise to protect your new computer against viruses, malware and hacker. Therefore, it is crucial to install excellent antivirus software on your PC. Or else you will risk that your private documents are unsafe, your computer will be infected with viruses and your computer will become slow. But which virus scanner should you buy and install? There are many antivirus tools on the market that all claim to be the best.

Our recent research showed that two antivirus applications are the best choice: ESET NOD32 and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. Online threats are spotted, isolated and removed fast and efficient with both tools. And also important: your computer doesn’t lose any speed when these tools are active.

We suggest: ESET NOD32 and Bitdefender Antivirus

9. Cloud storage

Probably the hard disk of your new computer is as empty as it can get. So you can choose to save and install everything on your new hard disk. But don’t forget to make back-ups of your important files! To do this, the cloud storage of Dropbox is ideal. Not only you can save your private documents safely in the cloud. Also you can reach your own documents at any time and place.

We suggest: Dropbox

10. Communication

Around 10 years ago we would probably suggest installing MSN Messenger as soon as possible on your new computer. However, in present time this is not the case anymore. Currently there are many software tools that perform much better. Online (video)calls are very popular in modern society. The perfect tool to do this is Skype. Simply start a (video)call or send a message to friends and family around the world, without any additional cost. It almost can’t get any easier!

We suggest: Skype

Need software on your new computer?

With these 10 software applications your new computer is ready to use! Are you still looking for certain software essentials for your brand-new computer? Then quickly take a look at the software licenses of SoftwareLicense4U! We have software licenses for applications such as Microsoft Office, Windows and antivirus tools. All our licenses are 100% original and are delivered within 5 minutes via e-mail. We make sure you can use the software on your new computer fast and easy!

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