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A good virus scanner is indispensable on every computer. Without antivirus software, every computer runs the risk of being infected with malicious software such as viruses and trojan horses. For example, confidential information such as credit card numbers, passwords and bank details can come into the hands of malicious parties.

Is Bitdefender a good antivirus scanner?

At SoftwareLicence4U we therefore only sell the most reliable antivirus software. Bitdefender is an example of a virus scanner that provides excellent protection for your computer system. But how does this antivirus program exactly ensure that your computer remains virus-free? Read on quickly to discover the benefits of Bitdefender.

Complete data protection and antivirus

To begin with, Bitdefender offers a complete package, so you only need one program to optimally protect your computer. Both a virus scanner and data security functionalities are included. As a result, Bitdefender works against all digital threats such as Trojan horses, viruses and spyware. But also ransomware, rootkits and computer worms have no chance to infect your computer when you run Bitdefender.

Thanks to advanced techniques, Bitdefender antivirus prevents dangerous software from affecting the computer. The program continuously monitors and scans the applications that are used. When suspicious activity is observed, Bitdefender takes immediate action to prevent virus infections.

Bitdefender also offers the user the possibility to lock sensitive documents. A multiple layer of security is used here. Harmful decryption software has no chance of gaining access to your personal files.

Countering phishing and fraud attempts

Phishing is an increasingly common danger when surfing the internet. Phishing is a form of Internet fraud that allows malicious parties to gain access to personal accounts of the computer user. This is done by sending users to fraudulent websites. Bitdefender’s software detects and blocks websites that wrongly appear as ‘reliable’. This prevents personal data such as passwords and bank details from falling into the wrong hands.

Internet criminals also set up more and more websites that try to deceive computer users. Think of unreliable casino, sports betting or financial websites. Bitdefender detects these websites and notifies the user when these harmful sites are visited.

Safe browsing with Rescue Mode

Has your computer come in contact with a virus? Then it is often important that the virus is removed before Windows is restarted. This is especially the case with advanced threats such as rootkits. Bitdefender causes the computer to start up in Rescue Mode when a virus is detected. This prevents and removes a virus infection and allows you to safely use the computer again.

Bitdefender Autopilot

You do not want to be constantly setting up your virus scanner while surfing the internet. For this reason, Bitdefender Autopilot was created. When this mode is activated, you no longer have to worry about computer security constantly. Bitdefender Autopilot automatically makes perfect decisions to optimally protect your computer against digital threats. A big advantage is that no pop-ups and dialogs appear when Bitdefender Autopilot spots a threat. This allows you to surf the Internet undisturbed and safe.

Surf the internet fast and virus-free

Antivirus software often affects the speed of your computer or laptop. Bitdefender ensures that the computer speed is not compromised using advanced techniques. To begin with, the software uses the innovation Bitdefender Photon technique. This keeps the hardware and software working perfectly together. This way no unnecessary computing power is lost, and the computer continues to function perfectly.

Furthermore, the Bitdefender software uses the Global Protective Network. This ensures that the heaviest scanning processes take place in the cloud. This way the hardware of your own computer is barely loaded, and the computer continues to perform optimally. Moreover, the content of your personal files is never scanned or saved. Your personal information is therefore never at risk.

A mode for every situation

Different situations require different (security) measures. This also applies to virus protection during computer use. Bitdefender detects when you are playing a game, watching a movie or working on a document. This way you will not be unnecessarily interrupted with virus reports or specific warnings. This allows you to continue using the computer undisturbed.

Are you using Bitdefender on a laptop? Then it is possible to activate the Battery Mode. This intelligent function adjusts (temporary) settings to save battery capacity. Functions such as system updates, Bluetooth and system cooling can for example be checked on or switched off.

Online without any worries

Thanks to Bitdefender VPN, you no longer have to worry about your online privacy. This feature encrypts and protects all your online data. Thus, ensuring cyber criminals have no chance of hacking bank details or passwords.

Financial transactions and other banking activities are increasingly being carried out online. Bitdefender has developed a special browser for this purpose that protects your financial details. The Bitdefender Safepay feature can even automatically enter bank details in payment fields. This prevents fraud, since keyloggers can’t detect what details you type in anymore.

Social media websites are extremely popular. Malicious parties therefore increasingly spread viruses via these online platforms. Bitdefender detects these threats and ensures that you can use websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter safely.

Secure your personal information

Every day you fill in numerous passwords, accounts, bank details and other sensitive information online. This personal information should not fall into the hands of malicious parties. Bitdefender has therefore developed Password Manager. Thanks to this ‘digital safe’ it is possible to store all these data in a secure way. Password Manager also offers the possibility to automatically fill in online forms and can recommend secure passwords.

Sometimes you want to delete a personal file from the computer or laptop. With the help of the File Shredder you destroy this file for good. So there is no trace of this file on your PC.

Bitdefender: safe and trustworthy virus scanner

Would you also like to benefit from the advanced functionalities of Bitdefender? Then check out the reliable software offers from SoftwareLicense4U. You will receive a 100% original license within 5 minutes via e-mail.