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Windows (Microsoft) and macOS (Apple) fans often have heated discussions when it comes down to their favorite operating system. Both groups find their ‘own’ operating system the best and easiest to work with. However, both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you buy a new computer or laptop, it is therefore important to consider the pros and cons of both operating systems. After all, a wrong choice can have a major influence on the user experience. That’s why SoftwareLicense4U blog answers the most important question in this article: does a Mac or a Windows computer suit you better?

Windows vs. macOS: the pros and cons

It is possible to rate both operating systems at multiple points. We will explain the differences between macOS and Windows step-by-step, so that you can make the right choice when buying a new desktop or laptop.

Amount of choices

Windows computer and laptops seem to be available in all shapes and sizes. There are literally thousands of computers on the market with Windows as operating system, which are produced by dozens of different companies such as HP, Dell, Acer and Asus. With macOS this offer is much more limited. For example, there are only a handful of Macs on the market. Moreover, you know one thing for sure when you buy a computer or laptop with macOS as operating system: the device is produced by Apple.

All this has the advantage – when you choose Windows – that you can tailor your choice to all your wishes. Do you want a smaller screen, more HDMI connections and a faster video card, for example? No problem with Windows computers or laptops! Do you opt for an iMac or a MacBook? Then you are dependent on a dozen devices that Apple has released. It is almost impossible to make changes to specific parts on computers with macOS. Do you want more freedom of choice and do you want more freedom to adapt computer components to your own wishes? Then it seems a logical choice to choose Windows as operating system.


Of course, this also works through the price you pay for a computer with macOS or Windows. Since Apple is the only product for macOS devices, they can easily determine the price themselves. Partly because of this, Apple computers and laptops are often heavily priced and there are hardly any cheaper variants on the market. However, Apple does use high-quality materials and they always have a luxurious look. The opposite is true for Windows computers and laptops. The prices (and quality) vary enormously. Sometimes you can already buy a computer of 250 euros, but there are also Windows computers that can cost more than 3000 euros. This makes it easier to choose a computer that fits within your budget.


We already mentioned it briefly: iMacs and MacBooks always seem to have a luxurious look. Actually, this is something we see more often with Apple products. In terms of design, the products look modern and chic. The design is an absolute USP of iMacs and MacBooks and is also one of the reasons that Apple products have become so popular. When you choose a computer or laptop with macOS as the operating system, you always know for sure that it will stand out because of its beautiful appearance. This may not be the case with Windows computers. Many computers or laptops may have a rather boring appearance and are less distinguished. Although it must be said that the ‘boring’ image Windows had in the past is long gone.

As mentioned, there are dozens of companies on the market that produce Windows devices and the prices differ enormously. Nowadays it is very simple to buy a Windows computer that fits your wishes perfectly. Do you want a different color computer or laptop? A futuristic look? Or a unique ‘wooden’ design in terms of exterior? With Windows computers it is currently (almost) always possible.

Technical specifications & hardware

What applies to the design also applies to the technical specifications of a macOS or Windows computer. The cheapest Apple computer will be much faster than the cheapest Windows computer: simply because Apple uses much better components for their ‘cheapest’ version. With an Apple computer you are always assured of top quality hardware. Although this hardware can hardly be adjusted. If you choose a high-end game PC from Windows with 4 video cards, water cooling and the latest processor: it will probably perform much better than the most expensive Apple computer. Altogether, it mainly depends on your own wishes, budget and how you will use the computer or laptop.

In terms of hardware, more is possible with computers with a Windows operating system. With devices for macOS devices, you usually depend on the peripherals that Apple brings to the market. This is not the case with Windows computers and laptops. Countless manufacturers have brought thousands of types of hardware to the market, which can easily be used in Windows computers. Do you want to switch between a video card, keyboard or sound card? Then this is much easier with Windows and you have (much) more choice.


For many years macOS has been known for the safety of their operating system. For a long time it even seemed impossible to get a virus on computers and laptops with macOS as operating system. One conclusion that emerges from one of our previous blog: it is not impossible to get a virus, but it is a lot harder than on Windows computers! For Windows, there are many more viruses, malware and trojans that can infect your computer. That is why it is essential for Windows users to purchase a good virus scanner. Are you looking for the best antivirus software (Windows) on the market? View the cheap and reliable SoftwareLicense4U offers.


In terms of usability, macOS is often praised. And that is more than deserved. The menus have a logical structure. The complete control system looks sleek and it also works very stable. Also, you are not regularly bothered with advertising within macOS, unlike in Windows 10. All this makes macOS a bit more user-friendly than Windows. Does this mean that Windows works less well? Certainly not. Especially with Windows 10, major steps have been taken to improve the design and user-friendliness. Windows may still not look as sleek as macOS. But, if for example, you want to change the appearance to your own wishes, then more is possible within Windows than with macOS.

Do you choose Windows or Apple?

The choice between macOS and Windows will mainly depend on your own wishes and preferences. Do you want a computer or laptop with a sleek design that is user-friendly and has little chance of being infected with viruses? Then a computer with macOS is probably perfect for you. Would you rather experience the freedom to adjust (the appearance of) the computer yourself, to have more choice in terms of hardware and to pay less money for the brand name? Then you can better choose Windows as operating system. In all cases you need good software for both operating systems. Are you still looking for software such as Office packages or virus scanners? Then check out the perfect deals of SoftwareLicense4U. All our licenses are 100% original and are delivered via e-mail within 5 minutes!

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