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Top 3: The best antivirus for Windows 10

In order to be able to use your Windows 10 PC, it is important that you remember the next points well. Make sure that you perform regular backups, delete files and software you no longer need, perform all recommended updates...


In order to be able to use your Windows 10 PC, it is important that you remember the next points well. Make sure that you perform regular backups, delete files and software you no longer need, perform all recommended updates and get a reliable antivirus program. The latter in particular is very important! Viruses, spyware, malware and other dangers can cause a lot of damage to your PC. Prevent your PC from getting infected and choose a reliable and safe antivirus software from SoftwareLicense4U!

Windows 10 antivirus software

Are you wondering what is the best antivirus software for Windows 10? This depends on the requirements and wishes you set for a virus scanner in Windows 10. Based on these wishes you can opt for a specific antivirus software. At SoftwareLicense4U we are happy to help you find the right antivirus software for your Windows PC. With our top 3 best antivirus programs you can discover what options there are to protect your PC. This way you are guaranteed to find an antivirus scanner that is suitable for your Windows 10 computer.

1. ESET Virus Protection

The ESET virus scanner is very popular among Windows 10 users, and for good reason. The program is reliable, simple and efficient. With ESET virus protection, your Windows 10 PC is protected against viruses, hackers, malware, ransomware and phishing. Thanks to the perfect balance between speed, detection and user-friendliness, your PC will have a minimal impact, but you will benefit from the many advantages.

2. Bitdefender Total Security

Are you looking for one product to protect all your devices? Then Bitdefender Total Security is perhaps the antivirus program you are looking for. Bitdefender is a reliable security software that uses innovative technologies to protect your PC. Thanks to the multi-layered protection, you can use your Windows 10 PC without compromising on speed.

3. Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the built-in antivirus software of Windows 10. If your laptop or PC runs on Windows 10, you can immediately use this free antivirus. This means that you are well protected from the very first moment against software threats such as viruses, malware and spyware.

Would you like to know more about Windows Defender? Just, recently we have written a blogpost about it! Within this blog you will find more information on how to able and disable this free antivirus in Windows 10. If you prefer ESET virus protection or Bitdefender Total Security, we recommend disabling Windows Defender. This is to ensure that the antivirus software can function properly.

The benefits of Windows 10 antivirus

A good Windows 10 antivirus is necessary to protect your PC continuously and in real time. At SoftwareLicense4U we stand behind ESET virus protection and Bitdefender Total Security, but a free antivirus in Windows 10 (such as Windows Defender) can also be a good solution to protect your PC. Prevention is always better than a cure, and this is also true when it comes to antiviruses. It is often difficult to remove a virus within Windows 10 once it has infected your PC. Hence, make sure to avoid this and install a reliable and safe antivirus software on your Windows 10 PC and take advantage of:

✓ The best antivirus scanner from SoftwareLicense4U
✓ Complete protection of your PC
✓ 100% certainty, safety and reliability
✓ Protection against viruses, spyware, malware and more!