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7 brand new Excel 2019 Tips & Tricks!

Excel 2019 is the most recent version of this immensely popular spreadsheet software. The application is packed with new functionalities that make Excel even more user-friendly than all predecessors. However, the question is


Excel 2019 is the most recent version of this immensely popular spreadsheet software. The application is packed with new functionalities that make Excel even more user-friendly than all predecessors. However, the question is whether everyone makes optimal use of all new functionalities. Do you already know the following 7 Excel 2019 tips and tricks? Then you are a true Excel expert!

1. Status bar

A useful functionality of Excel 2019 is very easy to use. First, simply select an area that is filled with numeric data. You will then find various types of information at the bottom of the application such as the average, the sum and the number of selected panes.

It is even possible to expand this data. Right-click on the information displayed and choose the information that you want to add. For example, it is possible to display the minimum, maximum and numerical count.

2. Useful shortcuts

It may not be a new addition within Excel 2019, but it is certainly handy! There are numerous shortcut keys that allow you to work even faster within this application. For example, do you already know these key combinations within Excel 2019:

Ctrl + Home – Navigate to the start of the Excel 2019 tab.

Ctrl + Arrow key down – Navigate to the bottom row of the Excel 2019 tab

Ctrl + Arrow key right – Navigate to the far right of the Excel 2019 tab

Ctrl + End – Navigate to the rightmost cell in the tab where data has been added.

3. Quickly select formulas

You use formulas regularly in Excel 2019. You may enter this constantly manually. Thanks to this Excel 2019 tip this can of course be much easier and faster. First select a cell and then simply start with a “=” sign. A list of available formulas appears immediately. You can type the first letters of the formula to see relevant formulas immediately. Or simply use the arrow keys to scroll through all formulas.

4. Create a macro

Do you regularly have to perform the same task in Excel? Then a good Excel 2019 tip is to automate certain tasks with the help of macros. A macro is very easy to set up and saves you a lot of time as a Excel user. First you must activate the “Developers” option in the taskbar.

• Select File

• Select Options

• Select Adjust Ribbon

• Under Customize Ribbon and Main Tabs, check the Developers check box

This tab appears at the top of the menu bar. You can then get started to create a macro.

• In the Developers tab, choose Include Macro

• Enter a name for the macro (optional)

• Enter a shortcut for the macro

• Click OK

• Perform the action that you want to automate

• In the Developers tab, click Stop Recording

Your macro has now been created in Excel 2019 and it can be executed using the shortcut you choose.

5. Prepare tables nicely

Thanks to this Excel 2019 tip, your “boring” Excel document is transformed into a visual spectacle. To start with, the data should be placed in a logical way in a tab.

Then select the tables that contain the data. Under Start, choose Format as table and select the desired table.

You can now graphically display the table using the icon that appears at the bottom right of the table. For example, choose a pie chart, line graph, or stacked area. Within a few seconds you have transformed simple data into a well-arranged graph!

6. Copy data to multiple cells

Do you have data in one cell and do you want to copy this data to multiple cells? This can be done within a few mouse clicks with Excel 2019. First select the cell where, for example, the number or (product) name you want to copy is located. Then select all cells in which the same data must be placed and click on paste. The selected cells will be immediately filled with the desired data.

7. Secure rows and columns

Excel 2019 tip number 8 is not really new, but it is very handy! This functionality is indispensable especially when you use tabs with a lot of data. This is because it is possible to fix tabs and rows. This is especially useful for blocking the top or most left rows, so that they always remain visible when you scroll through the file.

• First choose View in the menu bar

• Then select Block

• Now choose whether you want to block the first column, top row, or all titles

The selected option will then be blocked and will always remain visible. You can unblock the cells with the same option.

Get started with Excel 2019?

Apply the above tips immediately during your work and become the Excel 2019 expert on the work floor. Are you still working with an older Excel version? Then it is important to upgrade to Office 2019 as soon as possible. This version includes the latest version of Excel and works in a lot of user-friendly ways. Are you looking for a reliable license for this software? Then choose the 100% original Excel 2019 from SoftwareLicense4U. You will always receive the software via e-mail within 5 minutes.