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What does the future of Windows look like?

The past decades the life of a Windows user looked very simple. Every few years the operating Microsoft released a new operating system. So you regularly switched from Windows Vista, to Windows 7, to Windows 8 and so on....


The past decades the life of a Windows user looked very simple. Every few years the operating Microsoft released a new operating system. So you regularly switched from Windows Vista, to Windows 7, to Windows 8 and so on. However, Windows 10 has been on the market for four years and a successor does not seem to be coming (quickly). But what exactly does the future of the Windows operating system look like? For example, can you expect new functionalities or a different design? In this article we are happy to give you a look at the future and we make a number of predictions.

Will there be a new Windows version?

Windows 10 was released in July 2015. Looking at earlier versions of Windows, Microsoft announced much earlier that a successor was presented. This is not the case with this newest Windows operating system. Microsoft is now focusing on a new service model that focuses on Windows 10. This makes it possible to renew Windows 10 each time, without Microsoft having to launch a completely different operating system each time.

Approximately every 6 months, Microsoft releases a (major) update for Windows 10, which constantly improves quality and safety. In addition, Windows 10 regularly contains new functionalities that increase user-friendliness. The current version of Windows 10 is therefore a much improved version of the operating system that was released in 2015.

Windows Lite: a possible successor?

Although a successor to Windows 10 is not expected immediately, there have been rumors about Windows Lite for some time. This appears to be the “light” version of Windows 10. Windows Lite focuses primarily on PCs or laptops with less computing power. The expectation is that the interface will differ. Windows Lite seems to focus more on the use of (progressive web) apps. So far, Microsoft has not officially announced anything about this operating system, but it is expected that this will happen later in 2020.

Use future versions of Windows 10

As mentioned, Microsoft is constantly working on improving Windows 10. Are you curious about the latest and future updates that will be released? Then you can sign up for the Windows Insider program. You can participate for free in this test program, so you will receive updates much earlier. Although this allows you to use the newest functions earlier, you should bear in mind that it is a kind of test version of Windows 10. In some cases you may encounter error messages. In addition, you must agree that Microsoft collects usage data when you receive a trial version. This makes it possible to detect bugs more easily and implement improvements faster.

Full focus on Windows 10

Do you still use a dated Windows version such as Windows XP or Windows 7? Then you must take into account that personal data and files are at great risk in the future. Microsoft will stop providing updates for these dated operating systems from January 14, 2020. As a result, you will never receive security updates again and known and unknown security breaches will not be closed. Should a security breach become known among cyber criminals, hackers can continue to make endless use of it. Furthermore, most software and hardware will only work in combination with Windows 10 and will no longer be compatible with Windows 7.

For various versions of Windows 10, it has already been announced that the support will run at least until 2029. This soon makes clear Microsoft’s intentions: the focus in the coming years will be strongly on improving the functions and security of Windows 10.

Cortana improvements

Although Cortana has been implemented in Windows 10 from the beginning, it is by no means embraced by all users. This virtual assistant does not (yet) bring users what they expect from it. It seems realistic, however, that Microsoft is implementing some major improvements in the near future. Among other things, there is hinted at a new interface in which “chat” is central. In a text window you can type the question to Cortana, after which he gives a textual answer. This differs from the current version of Cortana in which speech is central. Furthermore, new themes are expected for Cortana and chances are that this virtual assistant will provide more relevant answers to your questions.

Optimize Windows Updates

Currently, updating Windows 10 is a time-consuming and tedious process. For example, updates can take place at unwanted moments or in some cases it may take hours for the latest version of Windows 10 to be installed. In the future, Microsoft wants to make this process more pleasant. For example, it has been announced that a large number of Windows Updates will take place in the “cloud”. The installation process will therefore go much faster.

Prepared for the future?

Are you already prepared for the future of Windows? Then it is essential that you use Windows 10. This operating system from Microsoft contains the latest and most secure updates. Are you still looking for a 100% original Windows 10 license? Then you will find this at the lowest price at SoftwareLicense4U. Your license will be sent by e-mail 24/7 within 5 minutes.