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Improve the speed of Windows 10 in 5 steps (2020)

Almost nothing is more annoying than a slow Windows 10 computer. Starting up the operating system suddenly takes 5 minutes, starting a game takes a long time and opening a simple document even takes a lot of time. Do you


Almost nothing is more annoying than a slow Windows 10 computer. Starting up the operating system suddenly takes 5 minutes, starting a game takes a long time and opening a simple document even takes a lot of time. Do you want to make your Windows 10 PC faster? Then follow the tips in this article. Within a few minutes to an hour your Windows 10 computer has become a lot faster. In most cases, the changes are completely free!

1. Disable startup programs

The first tip to make Windows 10 faster is an important one: disable applications that start automatically when you boot the computer. This is because by default, countless unnecessary programs start up that use a lot of memory or processor capacity. This leaves less space for applications that you really want to use. Disabling unnecessary applications is therefore a good start to make Windows 10 faster. Do not be afraid, this is easily achieved within a few clicks.

  • First press Ctrl-Alt-Del
  • Click Task Manager
  • Click on the “Startup” tab
  • A list of programs that start up by default appears
  • Pay attention to the “Influence on start-up” row. Is “A lot” here? Then the program logically requires a lot of power from your computer. Do you no longer want this application to start as standard, because you never use the application?
  • Click on the application with the right mouse button
  • Select switch off

Pay attention! Do not simply switch off unknown programs. Certain programs can be important for the correct functioning of your computer. Not sure whether the application is an important (driver) program? Then do not switch it off.

2. Power management settings

Another tip to make Windows 10 faster is to adjust Power Management. Some Windows 10 devices are standard on energy saving mode. The laptop or computer uses less power in this mode. This is not entirely surprising at the expense of the speed of your Windows 10 system. Do you want to see if you can make Windows 10 faster by turning this setting off?

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Select System and security
  • Select ‘Power Management’
  • Select ‘High performance’

By choosing ‘high performance’, the computer will use a little more energy, but it will become a lot faster. Pay attention when using a laptop. If you select “high performance”, your laptop’s battery will maybe not last that long.


3. Switch off visual effects

The visual effects of Windows 10 can make your laptop or computer a lot slower. Especially computers with an outdated (or no) graphic card can be slowed down by the visual effects that are switched on as standard. Fortunately, they are easy to turn off by you as a user.

  • Search for sysdm.cpl via the search function in the Launch Bar to display the System Properties.
  • Select the “Advanced” tab.
  • Under “Performance”, click Settings …
  • Select ‘Custom’
  • Then uncheck the options that you do not want to use

Do you prefer not to test yourself which visual effects yield the most performance? Then it is also possible to check ‘Best performance’. Of course, selecting this option will make Windows 10 graphically less attractive. However, the performance of Windows 10 will increase considerably.

4. Remove unnecessary software

Both new and old computers with Windows 10 suffer from this problem: unnecessary software that is on the computer. Initially, Microsoft installs software such as test versions of virus scanners and system performance apps. It may seem very useful, but in most cases, this software only reduces the performance of Windows 10. But also all kinds of games or programs that you have deliberately installed come with so-called “bloatware”: software that adds nothing to your user experience.

It’s a shame to keep such software on your computer, since Windows 10 only makes it slower. The next tip to make Windows 10 faster is to remove unnecessary programs from your computer.

  • Search in the Start bar search for “Install and remove programs”
  • View the list of applications critically
  • Click on programs or games that you will never use again
  • Select ‘Delete’
  • Verify that you want to delete the app

By removing these applications you free up more space on your hard disk and system resources are used for programs that you actually use.

5. Install an SSD with Windows 10

Not all of our tips to improve the speed of Windows 10 are software related. The last tip relates to the hardware of your laptop or computer. Installing an SSD (Solid State Disk) is one of the most effective adjustments you can make. An SSD loads data much faster than an HDD. This means, among other things, that your Windows 10 PC will start up faster and that (heavy) applications will load much faster. Installing an SSD and transferring Windows 10 may sound very difficult, but this can be achieved within an hour. After everything has been transferred correctly, you will soon understand why we recommend anyone who wants to make Windows 10 faster to buy an SSD!

Super fast Windows 10 system

Follow the above 5 tips and Windows 10 will become much faster! Don’t you have an original Windows 10 on your computer or laptop yet? Then that can also have a lot of influence on the speed of the operating system. Therefore always choose a 100% original Windows 10 version. You can order these Windows 10 licenses 24/7 at an affordable price through our website. Your product code will be delivered by e-mail within 5 minutes!