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6 Essential tips when buying a new PC

So you want to buy a new computer or laptop? Then there are several decisions that you have to make. After all, without thinking carefully about certain aspects, there is a good chance that the PC will not meet your wishes.


So you want to buy a new computer or laptop? Then there are several decisions that you have to make. After all, without thinking carefully about certain aspects, there is a good chance that the PC will not meet your wishes. Not only is that a waste of money, but it can also cause major frustrations. Pay attention to the following 6 things when you are going to buy a new desktop or laptop!

1. What do you use the PC for?

The first question is an important one. Because what do you want to use the PC for? Depending on your answer, the advice may be completely different. For example, do you travel a lot for work? Then it may be wise to buy a (small) laptop, so that you can easily take it to customers.

Will your computer soon be in the middle of the living room? Then it can be useful to buy a mini PC, since it takes up little space and makes less noise. Or do you want to use the PC for gaming and should the computer case become the “pride” of the room? Then you can even opt for a large computer case with LED lighting and the most expensive computer components. Whatever you choose, think about it in advance so that you always make the right purchase.

2. Faster start-up and loading

The time of the slow hard disks (HDD) is probably coming to the end. HDDs are mainly still used as storage locations, since the price is considerably lower than that of Solid State Drives (SSD). However, while buying a new PC, we strongly recommend that you purchase a computer with an SSD. With this type of hard disk you can start the computer within a few seconds, reduce the loading time of (heavy) programs and move documents on your computer at lightning speed.

3. Choose enough RAM

The working memory (RAM) is also called the internal memory. There are various types, of which DDR3 and DDR4 are the latest versions. When buying a new computer it is recommended to opt for DDR4. This future proof type of RAM is compatible with the latest processors and motherboard. The amount of memory your PC needs depends on your computer usage. If you mainly use the computer for internet and simple applications, then 4GB is sufficient. Are you an avid gamer and do you play the latest computer games? Then it may be wise to use 16GB RAM.

When using Windows 10, it is recommended that you use at least 4GB DDR4. We will tell you more about the operating system for your new PC later on in this article.

4. Energy-efficient computer

Sustainability nowadays plays an increasingly important role. When this is essential for you when purchasing a PC, there are a number of things to look out for. Realistically, every component in your computer influences energy consumption. In summary, it comes down to the following: in almost all cases, mini-PCs and laptops are more energy-efficient than state-of-the-art game PCs. This is mainly because components such as heavy video cards, power supplies and cooling equipment all require more energy.

5. Use the latest operating system

When you buy the PC you always have to take the operating system into account. After all, the computer will not function without this system. Sometimes a Windows operating system is supplied as standard, but often you can buy it for an extremely high price together with your PC in the store.

Whether you have purchased a business laptop, energy-efficient mini PC or flashy game PC: always choose Windows 10 as the operating system. This (Microsoft) operating system has the latest updates and technologies, so you can always use your new computer quickly, securely and reliably. Chances are that you can also buy versions such as Windows 7 and Windows XP, but this is strongly discouraged with a new computer. For example, new computer equipment and software may no longer be compatible, you will no longer receive security updates, and Microsoft support will be stopped.

6. Use your new PC safely

Make sure you immediately purchase and install a reliable antivirus. Without this software, your new computer (and your personal information) is in great danger. With the help of reliable security software you ensure that viruses and malware have no chance. In this way you keep hackers out, keep personal information really personal and your new computer stays in top condition!

The latest software for your PC?

In addition, make sure that other software that you install is also up-to-date. For example, consider an office package such as Office 2019 and the latest graphic applications. This allows you to use the latest functionalities and you can use the most user-friendly software.

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