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The 17 most useful shortcuts of Windows 10!

Windows 10 is the best and most user-friendly operating system in the world. Although it is already very easy to work within Windows 10, it can be even easier with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Apply the following 17 key


Windows 10 is the best and most user-friendly operating system in the world. Although it is already very easy to work within Windows 10, it can be even easier with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Apply the following 17 key combinations and crown yourself as a true Windows 10 expert.

The most popular Windows 10 hotkeys

Let’s face it: everyone should know the shortcut keys in this category. Not only does it ensure that you no longer need the mouse for these operations. This means you can also work much faster.

1. Ctrl + C

With this shortcut it is possible to copy words, complete texts, images and other digital content. This can be for example from a Word file, from a web page or from a specific application. This hotkey is probably one of the most popular key combinations that follow each other: copy + paste.

2. Ctrl + X

This key combination makes it possible to cut texts or images from a document. The big difference with the copy function is that the content actually “disappears” from the document when you use this shortcut. For example, it can be used to quickly move a complete piece of text and a number of paragraphs within a Word file.

3. Ctrl + V

With this key combination you can “paste” the copied or cut content. The words, texts or images will appear at the location where you placed the cursor when you use this shortcut in Windows 10.

4. Ctrl + Z

Thanks to this shortcut you can undo a previous action (or several previous actions). Suppose you accidentally deleted a complete paragraph in Excel. Or that you have moved an image in Word, but still want to restore it to its previous location. It is possible via this hotkey in Windows 10.

5. Ctrl + A

With the help of this shortcut you can select all content within a document. For example, the key combination can be used on an internet page to copy all content. Or use Ctrl + A to select all text within a Word file so that you can easily cut and paste it.

6. Ctrl + Plus sign (or minus sign)

With these shortcuts you can zoom in (+) or zoom out (-). This function works -among other things- within your internet browser and the various Office applications. When you use this shortcut in a Windows 10 folder, the icons of applications and documents will become larger or smaller.

7. Ctrl + Alt + Del

Several options appear via this shortcut key. For example, it is possible to log off, to shut down the computer and to restart it. It is also possible to start Task Manager via this Windows 10 shortcut. Here, you can view how much RAM is being used and you can close individual processes.

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8. Ctrl + Alt + Escape

Do you want to start Task Manager directly? For example because an application has crashed on the computer? Then you can reach this directly via this shortcut.

9. Alt + F4

Do you have an application that does not respond and do you want to stop it? Then you do not have to move the mouse to the cross in the corner. Simply click on this shortcut key to close the program in Windows 10.

10. Alt + Tab

If you use multiple programs, this shortcut is ideal. With Alt + Tab you can switch between applications that are open. If you hold down the Alt key, you can then select an app using the Tab key.

Keyboard combinations with the Windows key

The Windows key is the key at the bottom of the keyboard between the Ctrl and Alt keys. Many computer users rarely or never use this key. And that’s a shame! By clicking on the Windows key you will not only quickly see the Start menu. The button can also be used in countless useful key combinations in Windows 10.

11. Windows key + Tab

Do you have multiple applications open simultaneously on your screen? With this shortcut you get a quick overview of all open programs in Windows 10. You can then quickly select or close a program via this screen.

12. Windows key + L

This shortcut key is ideal for anyone who works at an office or at public locations. With the Windows key + L you can lock the computer or laptop. For example, you can only use the computer if you have entered the correct password or PIN code.

13. Windows key + S

Do you sometimes have to search through different folders of the computer before you finally find the right file? This can – of course – be done much easier and faster. Simply use this Windows 10 shortcut to easily search by file name.

14. Windows key + M

Do you have many windows and applications open at the same time? Then it is an option to minimize this one by one with the mouse. This can be done much quicker. Use this shortcut to minimize all applications within a second.

15. Windows key + Arrow keys

The Windows key + the arrow keys can be used for various useful reasons. For example, select Windows logo key + Up arrow to maximize the selected window. With the down arrow the application is minimized. With the Windows key + left arrow, the application is maximized on the left half of the screen. And with the right arrow key this is done on the right side of the screen.

Work faster within Windows 10!

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