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Now 20% discount Code: 20%4U
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Work efficiently from home using the right software

Since that all of the people from the Netherlands were asked by the government to work from home as much as possible, we are responding to this on a massive scale. Due to the measures taken, many people will work from home


Since that all of the people from the Netherlands were asked by the government to work from home as much as possible, we are responding to this on a massive scale. Due to the measures taken, many people will work from home in the near future and this means that certain functions will differ slightly than they are used to. At the office you have a perfectly arranged workplace which satisfies all your standards and wishes. But how about your workplace at home? Do you have a well-functioning PC? And is this PC equipped with the right software? A good foundation is essential for working efficiently from home. Therefore, you have to make sure that your computer is equipped with the latest software and is 100% up to date.

Windows operating systems

Windows is the most commonly used operating system on computers and laptops and works on different devices from different manufacturers. When you purchase a PC, you also need an operating system. Have you recently bought a new PC and would you like to install the right software on it? At SoftwareLicense4U we are happy to help you!

When you work from home, it is important that your computer has an operating system that is up-to-date and meets all the necessary requirements to work safely. With a Windows operating system, you are certain that you have the right functions available. Choose reliability and quality and make an informed choice for one of the following Windows systems:

Upgrade your operating system

Have you been using your current computer for a long time and are you curious if your operating software is still up to date? Firstly, it is important to find out which operating system is currently installed on your PC. You will find this information by following these steps:

  • Click on “start” in the menu bar
  • Then click on “settings”
  • Then click on “system”
  • Then click on “info”

Scroll down and search for “Windows specifications”. Here it is stated on which operating system your computer is currently running. If your current PC is no longer up to date and is still running on an outdated operating system, we recommend upgrading it. Is your PC still working fine at the moment, but is it still running on Windows Vista or Windows 7? Even then, we recommend upgrading the operating system on your computer or laptop to a newer version.

Open work files from home

Is your PC currently running on the correct operating system and is it completely up to date? Then it is also important that you use the same software as you would in the office. After all, you would like to be able to continue working on your files from home. The Microsoft Office package is nowadays indispensable on every PC. Programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are essential to work efficiently from home. But does your PC have the correct version of these programs? Or have you not yet installed the Office software package on your PC? In both cases you can contact SoftwareLicense4U. We offer licenses of various Microsoft Office packages, so that you can continue working from home with the right programs. For example, you can opt for the Office 2016 or Office 2019 package. Or one of the many other Office software licenses for both Windows and Mac.

The right security software

A computer with a good operating system and the right Office software must be well protected. Especially when you work from home, it is important that you do not underestimate the security of your PC. Using the right antivirus and security software on your home computer ensures that sensitive information is well protected. In addition, you also want to prevent your PC from being infected with one or more viruses. Limit the risks and install a reliable security program on your work computer at home as a precaution.

Will the license of your security software expire soon? Even then you can contact SoftwareLicense4U to renew your license. It is important that you pay close attention to which license you exactly need. Do you find it difficult to determine which license is the right one? Please contact us without any obligations. We are happy to help you with tailor-made advice!

Is your software 100% up to date?

Does your computer at home have all the necessary software? You would think that you could get started right away. But, you have to still make sure that the software you use is also 100% up-to-date. If this is not the case, it can entail considerable risks. For example, is your PC still running on an older operating system? Then the biggest danger is that it will no longer perform new updates, as a result of which your PC will become more vulnerable to security risks. In addition, support from the software provider may expire if the software is too old. The same stands for an older version of Microsoft Office. Do you normally work in the office with the 2019 version? And is Office 2016 installed on your computer at home? Then chances are that you will not be able to open your work files at home, because this new version is not supported in the 2016 version.

Prevent unnecessary risks and make a conscious choice to upgrade all software to the latest version today. This not only allows you to work much more efficiently from home, but it also ensures that your files are well protected and accessible to everyone.

You can get started right away!

Need a new license to upgrade your operating system? Would you like to install Office 2019 on your work computer at home? Or would you like to sharpen your PC in terms of security? Whatever license you need, you will find it at SoftwareLicense4U!

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