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Do you need a Windows 11 Pro upgrade? Softwarelicense4U can help you with that. A Windows 11 pro key is familiar and easy to use. Windows 11 offers a calm and creative space where you can pursue your passions through a fresh experience. From a rejuvenated Start menu to new ways to connect with your favorite people, news, games and content, Windows 11 is the place to think, express and create naturally.




Windows 11 Pro offers a calm and creative space where you can find new gests for your heartstrings. From a fresh Launch menu to new ways to

connect with your favourite people, dispatches, games, and content, Windows 11 Pro is a place where you can suppose, produce, and express yourself

Still, we at, If you would like to buy Windows 11 offer you, as always, absolute top conditions –

Fluently access all the apps you need and multitask with tools like shot layouts, desktops and a new, more intuitive redo wharf interface.

Windows 11 Start Screen

Connect with your loved bones right from your desktop with Microsoft Brigades. Call or sputter for free – no matter what device you’re using.

Stay updated on news, information, and exchanges snappily with Microsoft Edge and various contraptions. Fluently find the apps and shows

you want in the new Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 Pro takes gaming to a whole new position with plates that compete with the real thing. Discover your coming favourite game with Xbox Game Pass.

Which gives you access to further than 100 great games ( class ended independently).

The new Windows 11 Pro is available on a wide range of biases from our mates, bringing you the rearmost inventions in touch, pen and voice. So you

can fluently find the stylish and most affordable device for you.

In Train Explorer, the icons are now lower and have a more excellent look. There’s a mute button to mute the microphone for all operations centrally. This is

handy if you’re on a videotape conference and may have multiple apps open – also, the microphone will be muted centrally. Another new Windows 11 Pro

point is that if you’re working with external observers on your laptop or two observers connected to your desktop computer, apps will. Renew precisely where they were before you shut down or quit. This is also a significant enhancement over Windows 10.

You can switch between your phone and your desktop because also you can install apps that you know from Android phones on Windows. Some apps

are only available for Android but not for Windows. So it’s an accessible thing to do. There are just one catch iPhone druggies, i.e. the Apple world, don’t.

benefit from this because Apple keeps shutting down its apps and hiding them behind an artificial wall, so to speak, in its app store.

Important note

Windows 10 and Windows 11 Pro will continue to run in parallel. Windows 10 will be supported until October 2025. That’s presumably in part because

Windows 11 Pro increases tackle requirements. However, you still have many times, If your system isn’t ready for Windows 11 Pro. Indeed if you don’t like the

look at Windows 11 Pro, you can stick with Windows 10.

Enjoy the following new features by buying Windows 11 Professional license.

The new design and sounds are ultramodern, fresh, clean, and beautiful, giving you a sense of calm and ease.

With a start, we’ve put you and your content first. Start leverages the power of the pall and Microsoft 365 to show you your most recent lines, no. Count what device you’ve been viewing them on.

Snap layouts, Snap groups, and desktops give an indeed more critical way to multitask and optimize your screen space.

Integrated into the taskbar, Microsoft Brigades converse offers a faster way to connect with the people you watch about.

Contraptions, a new individualized feed grounded on artificial intelligence, offers a faster way to pierce the information you watch about, and Microsoft Edge’s

World-class performance, speed, and productivity features let you get further done on the web.

Windows 11 offers the stylish Windows ever for gaming and takes full advantage of your system’s tackle with technologies like DirectX12 Ultimate,

DirectStorageja Auto HDR. Xbox Game Pass for PC or Ultimate gives you access to over 100 high-quality PC games to play on Windows 11 for one

low Yearly price. ( Xbox Game Pass is vented independently)

Windows 11 includes a new Microsoft Store with an each-new design that makes it easier to find and discover your favourite apps, games, shows, etc., Pictures in one familiar place. We’re agitated to continue our trip to bring Android apps to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store through our work

with Amazon and Intel; this will begin with an exercise for Windows Interposers in the coming months.

Windows 11 is the most inclusive interpretation of Windows with new availability advancements designed for and by people with disabilities.

Windows 11 opens up new openings for inventors and generators. We’re opening up the Store to allow further inventors and independent software

merchandisers (ISVs) to bring their apps to the Store, perfecting native and web app development with new inventor tools and making it easier for you. Modernize the look and sense of all our app designs and gests.

Windows 11 is optimized for speed, effectiveness and bettered gests with touch, digital pen and voice input.

Windows 11 is the operating system for mongrel working, delivering new gests that work the way you work, are secure, and are easy and familiar.

for IT to emplace and manage. Organizations can exercise Windows 11 moment in Azure Virtual Desktop or experience Windows 11 in the new Windows

365 when it becomes generally available.

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Nämä ovat vähimmäisjärjestelmävaatimukset Windows 11:n asentamiseksi tietokoneeseen. Jos laitteesi ei täytä näitä vaatimuksia, et ehkä pysty asentamaan Windows 11:tä laitteeseesi, ja sinun kannattaa harkita uuden tietokoneen hankkimista. .

Prosessori 1 gigahertsi (GHz)tai nopeampi vähintään kahdella ytimellä yhteensopivalla 64-bittisellä prosessorilla tai System on a Chip -järjestelmällä. (SoC).
RAM 4 gigatavua (GB).
Varastointi 64 Gt tai suurempi tallennuslaite Huomautus: Katso lisätietoja jäljempänä kohdasta "Lisätietoja tallennustilasta Windows 11:n pitämiseksi ajan tasalla".
Järjestelmän laiteohjelmisto UEFI, Secure Boot -yhteensopiva. Katso täältä tietoja siitä, miten tietokoneesi voi täyttää tämän vaatimuksen.
TPM TPM (Trusted Platform Module) versio 2.0. Katso täältä ohjeet siitä, miten tietokoneesi voi täyttää tämän vaatimuksen.
Näytönohjain Yhteensopiva DirectX 12:n tai uudemman WDDM 2.0 -ohjaimen kanssa.
Näyttö Teräväpiirtonäyttö (720p), jonka läpimitta on yli 9 tuumaa, 8 bittiä värikanavaa kohti.
Internet-yhteys ja Microsoft-tili Windows 11 Home -versio edellyttää Internet-yhteyttä ja Microsoft-tiliä.
Laitteen siirtäminen pois Windows 11 Home S-tilasta edellyttää myös internet-yhteyttä. Lue lisää S-tilasta täältä.
Kaikissa Windows 11 -versioissa tarvitaan internetyhteys päivitysten tekemiseen sekä joidenkin ominaisuuksien lataamiseen ja hyödyntämiseen. Joitakin ominaisuuksia varten tarvitaan Microsoft-tili.


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