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Do you know these ´unknown´ Microsoft Office apps?

Microsoft Office: which computer user does not know this ´holy grail´ among office packages? Applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint are undoubtedly known to the general public. Almost everyone uses this


Microsoft Office: which computer user does not know this ´holy grail´ among office packages? Applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint are undoubtedly known to the general public. Almost everyone uses this word processor, datasheet application, mail application and presentation program. But do you also know what you can use the ‘unknown’ Office applications such as Visio, Access and Project for? You can read all about it in this article!

All Office applications: known and unknown

The full Microsoft Office package consists of several applications:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Sway
  • Microsoft SharePoint

The first four applications will undoubtedly be known to the general public. For example, when writing texts or reports, Word is regularly used, while Excel is often used while making financial calculations. However, the other applications are also (sometimes) included with certain Office packages. Most of these programs are only used less and are sometimes even completely unknown to computer users.


Microsoft Visio allows users to create professional diagrams. With Visio it is possible, among other things, to create organization charts, flow charts, plans and technical designs. Within Visio this is possible thanks to the built-in templates and shapes. Of course it is also possible to design your own template from a blank document.


With the help of Microsoft Access it is possible for less advanced users to build their own database. Access also makes it possible to build parts of the front-end, such as forms, reports and pages. For example, you can easily develop a database or app so that your team can work faster and more efficiently.


Microsoft Publisher is used when you want to change more elements of a page than is possible in Word. The program is mainly used by print companies and publishers who design and publish print media. Publisher can be used to create different types of media. Think of physical newsletters, brochures and business cards, among other things.


Microsoft Project is mainly used in (medium) large organizations by project managers and portfolio managers to steer projects in the right direction. The application is used to get a grip on projects, to communicate progress and to deploy employees and resources in the right way. Microsoft Project has been specially developed for Windows operating systems. The latest version (Microsoft Project 2019) is also available separately.


Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook program. Within the application, for example, it is possible to write text, place notes, add tables or to add images. Within OneNote you can work with different tabs, each with its own title. This way you can easily keep track of all your notes.


With the help of Microsoft Lync it is possible to set up a virtual connection between 2 different computers or laptops. You can then use Lync to meet, view each other’s desktop, share applications, and collaborate on projects. Moreover, with Lync (or: Skype for Business) it is easy to work together on applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


As a presentation tool, PowerPoint is of course extremely popular. However, Sway is the new alternative from Microsoft. This application accessible via the (online) Microsoft Cloud portal. Sway is focused on creating online content. With the tool you can easily create documents such as presentations, reports and newsletters. Among other things, it is possible to add media from online platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. With the built-in design program you can create a modern-looking document within minutes. However, PowerPoint is usually the better option for professional presentations.


Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that is used to exchange information or to collaborate (online) within organizations. SharePoint is known for its advanced and versatile nature. The tool can be used, among other things, to share files in a CMS, as an internal communication platform (intranet) and as a project management tool. SharePoint has integration options with countless other Microsoft Office apps and other SQL-based systems.

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