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There is a good chance that you will use Microsoft Outlook during your work. This is because Outlook is one of the best and most popular e-mail applications in the world. The software is therefore used by many organizations worldwide. However, do you only use Outlook to send and receive e-mails? Then you don’t use the full potential! SoftwarseLicense4U is happy to give you 6 tips so that you can work faster and more efficiently thanks to Microsoft Outlook.

1. Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Working more efficiently in Outlook starts with … knowing the most important keyboard shortcuts! Just like all other Microsoft apps, you can work faster in Outlook thanks to shortcuts. These key combination are useful for frequently used actions such as replying to an e-mail or sending a new message.

With the Alt + S combination you can quickly send an e-mail message, with the Alt + R key combination you respond to all persons in the receipt list. And you can use the combination Ctrl + R to respond quickly to an email that you have already received.

2. Create a signature

Do you send out dozens or even hundreds of e-mails every day? Then there is a good chance that you regularly have to put a signature under each Outlook message. Example:


Tom Thomson

CEO – Thomson Trucks “

You do not have to constantly re-type this text. With the help of an Outlook signature, your personal, concluding text is added by default. To add a signature, first open a new e-mail message. Then click Message > Signature > Signatures.

Select the signature that you want to create or edit. Select New and think of a name for the signature. Then click on Edit signature and create your personal signature. Press OK.

Now go to Choose standard signature. Select the e-mail address and choose the standard signature that you want to add. Under New messages and Reply and forwarded messages, select whether the signature should always be added. Click OK to save your Outlook signature.

3. Schedule email message

Sometimes it is useful to send an e-mail message at a later moment. For example, because the message has to be sent on someone’s birthday or because there is a certain deadline. The following Microsoft Outlook tip makes it easy to schedule messages.

First, start composing an e-mail message. Then click Tags > More Options. Under Delivery options you will find the Do not deliver before box. Enter the desired delivery date and the desired delivery time of the e-mail message. Then click Close.

When you click on Send, the message will only be sent at the time you have set. Until then, the message remains in the Outbox.

4. Use automatic rules

You will receive a wide range of e-mail messages while at work. And unfortunately not all messages are equally relevant. Some e-mails are standard messages from, for example, CRM or CMS systems. Other messages are automatically forwarded from the company intranet. You can also think of “funny” emails from colleagues. And then there are the e-mails that need a response as soon as possible.

Without the correct settings, all these e-mails will simply appear in your inbox. This makes your inbox a big mess and you will constantly be busy opening, deleting or moving emails manually. Fortunately this can be done easier with the following Outlook tip!

In Microsoft Outlook it is possible to create rules, so that specific messages are moved to folders you create. First click with the right mouse button on a message in your inbox and select Rules > Create rules.

Then choose the requirements that the rules must meet. For example, do you receive daily e-mails of a meeting? Then put under Subject contains “meeting”, after which all these e-mails are moved to a specified folder by default. In addition, e-mails from specific senders (eg. Intranet or a CRM system) can also be moved to a folder. Or select that all messages where you are in the CC are placed in a folder by default.

5. Set up the e-mail template

Do you get questions or requests that you can answer with the same standard answer every day or week? Then you waste a lot of valuable time by typing a new message each time. With the help of Outlook templates you can quickly set up and send a standard message.

In the Start menu, first click on New e-mail. First enter the main text section (ie: the standard text) and then click on File > Save As. In the Save As list, select Outlook Template. Type a name for the template and then click Save.

You can send a template via New items > More items > Choose form. Then go to Choose form> Search in> User templates in file system. Then select the template that you want to use in the folder. Then click on Open and add the addressee in the e-mail message. You can then send the message.

6. Back up Outlook

E-mail messages can sometimes be incredibly valuable for yourself or your organization. After all, it often happens that you “save” important files in your mailbox, and do not save them on your computer or an (external) hard drive. Especially in such cases it is almost essential to regularly back up your e-mails.

To make a backup, go to File > Open > Import / Export. Then choose the option Export to a file and click on Next. Now choose Outlook data file > Next. Select the name of the e-mail account that you want to export and select the Open sub-folders option.

Select the location where the file is to be saved and choose OK to perform the action. A backup is then made of your e-mail account. Note: depending on the amount of e-mails and files present, this may take some time.

Work faster with Outlook 2019

We hope that thanks to these Microsoft Outlook tips you will work more efficiently with this popular e-mail application. Do you want to be assured of the newest functionalities within Outlook? Then choose an Outlook 2019 or Office 2019 license. You will receive a 100% original and unused product key via e-mail within 5 minutes!